Python 2.7 and PyCaffe installation guide on Windows 64-bit operating system
1) Official Installation Guide by BVLC
BVLC Caffe

2) Quick Installation
- Quick installation script - #1 onedrive (565 Mbytes)

How to use
1. Download quick installation script #1 onedrive (565 Mbytes)
2. run install1.bat
3. run install2.bat

3) Manual Installation
- Quick installation script - #1 onedrive (565 Mbytes)
- Anaconda2 64bit 2.7 (

How to use

1. Install Anaconda2 (Python) 64bit 2.7 (NOT 3.x)
Set installation path to "c:/anadonda2" or "c:/python27"
Be sure to check "Add anaconda to my PATH environment variable" during installation

2. Resolve python dependencies
Open windows command prompt; [Win]-R brings up the Run dialog; cmd [enter]
C:\>pip install --upgrade pip
C:\>pip install matplotlib opencv-python numpy scipy scikit-image protobuf

3. Install PyCaffe (Copy prebuilt PyCaffe)
I included prebuilt 64bit pycaffe binaries - "caffe" folder
Move "caffe" folder to C:\anaconda2\Lib\site-packages or C:\python27\Lib\site-packages

Useful Links for installation of PyCaffe
- How to Build Caffe,Pycaffe,Matcaffe on Windows 10 [ Youtube ]
- Prebuilt binaries from
- BVLC Caffe (
- PyCaffe Installation-Guide on Ubuntu (